About Æther Corp

Æther Corp is a 'small press' game design and publishing house run by Luke Earl (he/him), a UX designer & tabletop games creator based in Poole, UK.

Primarily founded to use the company name for the interstellar mega-corporation of dubious morals in Coiled.Spæce, Æther Corp has now run three small Kickstarters & released five products since its inception in 2019.

Our purpose is to support our workers by creating eccentric wonders to weird your world.

We attempt to do this in a way that limits our environmental impact as much as possible while lifting up others & being good people.

We're currently working on:

We're also not sure about talking about ourselves in the third person when there's only one of us. We're sure it will be fine.

A green silhouette of blading head with curly hair protruding from around it