Advanced Double D6 Press Kit

Dank undergrowth claws at your sodden clothing as you tease yourself past each loathsome thorn. A twig snaps & a thousand yellow eyes immediately light up the grove around you... Oh dear, Greblitts!

What is Advanced Double D6?

Advanced Double D6 expands on Double D6—a one-page fantasy role playing game without the big books—and leans further into its make-things-up play style with some extra gaming guidance, a quest planner & oodles of inspiration tables.

Advanced Double D6 is crowdfunding on Kickstarter from 1-17 Feb and features:

All in 36(ish) black & white recycled paper pages & a hand-numbered, full colour, matt finish cover with character, creature, & quest sheets.

Three copies of Advanced Double D6 stacked on top of each other

Like Æther Corp's other releases, it's been designed, developed, written, edited, & illustrated by Luke Earl.

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Key Features

Players & GMs are encouraged to make up in-game things on the fly whether that's the freeform spells you cast using sparks of magic or the creatures created from just a name and a couple of traits like... Grocklesneks with briny breath & putrescent eyes.

The goal is to help you take it lightly, play to see what happens & enjoy the fun of it.

A5 landscape zine open with headings Magic and Sneaking on each page with a grey d66 table next to sneaking


Advanced Double D6 is crowdfunding on Kickstarter: from 1–17 Feb and is expected to be delivered Summer 2023.

The original Double D6, character & creature sheets are available now on Etsy (£2.50), ($1 & free community copies) & DriveThruRPG ($1)

The original Double D6 rules & character/creature sheets

Review Copies

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Author, designer, illustrator, etc: Luke Earl

Publisher: Æther Corp Ltd

Important Dates

Kickstarter campaign: 1 Feb 2023 – 17 Feb 2023

Expected delivery: August 2023

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