Coiled.Spæce Press Kit

Æther Corp's revolutionary Jump® Drives bring distant star systems to YOU!

Harvest energy from across our rapidly disintegrating Universe & help us keep YOUR loved ones safe.

All the printed materials in front of a starscape with text which reads: At the end of the Universe there will be a Harvest. A journalling game for 1 to 4 players. Play now at

What is Coiled.Spæce?

Coiled.Spæce is a lighthearted sci-fi journalling game for 1–4 players.


  • Pilot interstellar vessels
  • Harvest energy
  • Keep meticulous records

Players are employed as Harvesters by Æther Corp to Jump® around the universe collecting energy from potentially reluctant sources while spacetime distorts & disintegrates around them.

Characters, space-faring vessels, star systems, and interplanetary objects are all quickly generated by rolling full sets of polyhedral dice & developed through in-play prompts.


  • Full training is provided
  • Company vessel as standard
  • Free parking

Designed as a pick-up-and-play game, players can Harvest energy from one star system in a half-hour sitting & come back later to spend hours exploring more systems to build up their energy stores over time.

++ bleep bloop... bzzzzzzzzt ack-ack vhrrrrrr whoomp -- -- ++ // tsssttssst —ghhhhht.......................... blip.......................... blip........................ blip................... beep bip beep..........||

Heavily inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Paranoia RPG, and working in corporate hellscapes, Coiled.Spæce was conceived as a role-playing game in 2018, grew into a co-op board game in 2019, & was finally brought to life as a solo journaling game (with multi-player options) as part of Kickstarter's 2021 ZineQuest.

Designed, developed, written, edited, & illustrated by Luke Earl.

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Key Features

Game Play

Bundle Contents

  1. Full colour 'Training Manual' rule book (32 pages, A5 portrait)
  2. Custom designed company 'Log Book' journal (20 pages, A5 landscape)
  3. 'Console' poster drop-die table to generate star systems (double-sided, A3 portrait)
  4. 'Scanner & Portable Console' postcard with random table (double-sided, A5 landscape)
  5. Bookmarks for easy page flipping
  6. Ink-friendly, monochrome PDFs of all the above
  7. Extra pages PDF to print and stick!

Digital Extras

Physical Accessories


Coiled.Spæce is available to play now!

A limited first pressing (100 numbered copies) was released on 24 April 2022.

A second pressing for general release is expected around December 2022.


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Review Copies

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Media Files


Training Manual preview: 30 second flip-through of the 'training manual'


Download all mockups (23 files, 61.5MB, ZIP)


Download all logos (4 files, 2.3MB, ZIP)




Publisher: Æther Corp Ltd

Author, designer, illustrator, etc: Luke Earl

Launch Date

24 April 2022

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